Friday, June 1, 2018

MR. PIM PASSES BY by Carol Kaufman Segal
            Theatre 40 is presenting their final production of the 2017-2018 Season with a comedy by A.A. Milne, creator of Winnie the Pooh.  Even though this play was first produced 99-years ago, it still pleases audiences today.
            The play takes place in the lovely country home of Olivia Marden (Roslyn Cohn) and her husband George Marden (John Wallace Combs).  (Charming country-style set by Jeff G. Rack).  George’s 19-year old niece, Dinah (Nathalie Rudolph), lives with the Mardens.  She and her boyfriend, Brian Strange (Troy Whitaker), a poor artist, are in love and want to get married.  When they approach George about their doing so, he objects to the idea implicitly.  
            When the Mardens receive an unknown and unexpected visit from a gentleman, Caraway Pim (Jeffrey Winner), they are shocked when he tells them that Olivia’s former husband, who is thought to be deceased, is alive and well.  Olivia has been married to George for five years, and now she would be considered a bigamist! 
            Mr. Pim, who seems a bit scatter-brained, passes by again to inform them that he made an error, and she can feel certain her first husband is dead.  Though this is good news and should be a relief to George, Olivia uses the situation to her advantage, as well as Dinah’s, since she wants to get George to permit Dinah to marry Brian.
            With a great deal of confusing dialogue at times, Ann/Narrater (Laura Lee Walsh) walks on stage with the lights dimmed, to explain the scene, making it easier to understand.  Also included in the cast is George’s mother, Mrs. Marden (Casey Jones), who adds some of the humor to the production.
            Jules Aaron, who has directed a number of productions at Theatre 40, once again proves his ability to do an outstanding job.  The full cast makes the characters live, but even though Mr. Pim is seen less than all of them, Jeffrey Winner is special as this strange little man.
            Mr. Pim Passes By plays Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8 PM, Sundays at 2 PM, through June 17, in the Rueben Cordova Theatre, 241 S. Moreno Dr., in Beverly Hills.  Reservations can be made online at, or by phone at (310) 364-0535.