Friday, March 3, 2017

Little Children Dream of God by Carol Kaufman Segal
            Little Children Dream of God is a riveting play by Jeff Augustin.  It opens with a young pregnant girl landing on the shore of Miami after a treacherous escape from Haiti on an old rubber tire.  Sula (Jaquita Ta’le) finds herself outside of a dilapidated apartment building, a place that she was referred to by a friend.  She was told that the owner would give her refuge as he always helps people in need.  This is where Carolyn (Blair Chandler) discovers her just at the time she is about to deliver her baby.
            Carolyn warns her not to go to a hospital where she would most likely be arrested, sent back to Haiti, and her child would be put in detention until he or she is 18 years old with a not-so-happy outlook.  She also tells her the owner of the building has died, but introduces Sula to his son Joel (Hari Williams) who now runs the building  With the assistance of Carolyn, Sula gives birth and is offered shelter for herself and her baby by Joel.
            Soon Joel becomes enamored of the woman he has befriended, but there is something mysterious about her and she eludes his advances.  He is unaware that she has been running away from an ominous husband and from her own dark past.  When Sula realizes that her husband is hunting for her and her baby, she becomes acutely aware that she has to rid herself of her own past.
            Andre Barron does a remarkable job directing this intricate and unusual play.  The cast does a superb job making these unconventional characters come to life.  Ta’le as Sula can easily pass for a Haitian woman with her perfect accent and an eerie voodoo dance that she performs in her mission.  Other cast members include Jonathan Nichol (Manuel), Jonathan Bangs (Vishal), Latarsha Rose (Madison), and Sedale Threatt, Jr. (Man, the ominous husband).
            Little Children Dream of God is another wonderful production by the Road Theatre Company playing Thursdays at 8 PM, Saturdays at 3 PM, and Sundays at 7 PM, through April 15, at the Road on Magnolia, located in the NoHo Senior Arts Colony, 10747 Magnolia Blvd., in North Hollywood,  Tickets are available by calling (1818) 761-8838, or online at

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